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Our students go to TU Delft, University of Amsterdam, Leiden University and other TOP Dutch universities.

Studying in the Netherlands

Have you always dreamed of attending an established and renowned university in a country with a myriad of global career opportunities? University of Amsterdam, TU Delft, Erasmus Roterdam university and many other of the world’s top universities reside in the Netherlands.

The application process, built into the Studielink system, is much simpler than that of the US or the UK. Dutch universities mainly focus on students’ prior academic performance, predicted grades, national or IB exam scores and motivation. However, writing the perfect personal statement and preparing for tests required by specific academic programs calls for some serious preparation and we are here to help.

Working with Atlas mentors, who have themselves tackled each of these challenges and have gotten into the top university programs in the NL, perhaps even the program you have in mind as your top choice, you’ll be confident in knowing that you’re getting the best help there is and will have the best odds of securing acceptance.

What We Offer


You will be using Studielink to apply to higher education institutions in the Netherlands. With a number of good options to choose from, Atlas mentors will help the student narrow down their list based on university and course rankings, personal experience of Atlas mentors and our extended network of studying within these courses, the structure and nature of each course and how they fit the student’s needs, as well as other factors deemed relevant by the student and the mentor.


Atlas mentors will share examples of the best personal statements seen throughout the years, and will lead the student through a series of writing workshops, covering best practices and common mistakes. Students will then work on their own drafts and receive feedback and suggestions from their mentor on how to perfect their essay.


In addition to the student’s own test scores and essays, their teacher recommendations will be an important part of the overall evaluation. In our experience, and this is especially true for international applicants, not all teachers have the necessary writing skills or knowledge of what is expected of them, to write a great letter. Atlas mentors will work with the student and their teachers to ensure that reference letters only add to the strength of the application.


In every aforementioned step and any additional help that might be needed, Atlas mentors will bring the latest insights and research from various publications, as well as conversations with direct contacts in university admissions offices, to the table, and ensure that the application will be well-received.

The Details

Value Added
Course Material
Value Added

The NL university package will not only help the student choose the right university programs and greatly enhance the student’s application, but will also improve the student’s critical thinking skills, and their ability to better present themselves in spoken and written English.


The student will be first matched with a mentor who best fits their profile. The student will then coordinate meeting times with the mentor and proceed with the consultations via Zoom or some other video conferencing platform of choice.

Course Material

Before and after certain lessons, the students will receive handouts summarizing and expanding on the discussions during the lesson. They will help the students recall and build on what they have learned once the course has concluded.


Students and their parents will be able to contact the mentor teaching the course, as well as the wider Atlas team, at any point. The course materials, as well as any other communication relating to the course, will also be conveyed over email.


No two Atlas packages are the same - we tailor all our offers to meet the needs of each individual student, making sure that the student is provided with the right amount of help and not asked to pay for additional services they consider unnecessary in their particular case. Hence, we give our clients the chance to indicate which parts of the application process they need help with and provide a price quote for that package.



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