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Atlas helps motivated students achieve their academic and professional dreams, and secure a spot in the world's leading universities.

UK University Admissions

Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial College London, UCL, King’s College London and many other top global universities reside in the UK. Our mentors are students and alumni of these schools and have helped countless candidates make it there as well.

US University Admissions

Our mentors are students and alumni of top US universities, including Harvard, Yale and many others. They made it themselves and now help other driven students navigate the admissions process and prepare the best possible application.

France University Admissions

Have you ever dreamt of spending your undergraduate years being completely immersed in ever-changing global affairs and cultural events? France and the francophone environment have you covered here. Home for headquarters and multiple branches of such renowned global organizations as the United Nations, NATO, European Union and many arts and fashion industries, France offers a rich atmosphere for young people to spend their most formative years in an extremely dynamic environment.

German University Admissions

Germany is a powerhouse when it comes to higher education. The Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin and many other renowned institutions offer a great and, most often, free university education. Our mentors help students navigate their applications and secure the best scholarships.

Dutch University Admissions

The Netherlands offer students the chance to combine a wonderful international, inexpensive university education, where many programs are taught in English, and a great quality of life at the heart of Europe. Our mentors assist students in every step of the way when it comes to applying and beginning their studies.

Why Atlas?


Atlas' mentors are top academic performers, winners of various international competitions and incredible young professionals at leading institutions. They are trained by Atlas to become outstanding educators and share their knowledge with the next generation.


The Atlas team is in touch with admissions officers and experts across a number of top universities, carefully analyzes past admissions data, its own failures and success cases, and is consistently able to find ways to beat the system!


Atlas not only helps students achieve new academic heights, but also enables them to shine in extracurricular endeavors, bolsters their self-confidence, self-awareness and personal growth, thus empowering them to succeed in most every aspect of life!

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