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A Secret Way to Get Into Columbia University

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By Justas Pakašius

Published 2022 06 14

Applying to Ivy League schools is notoriously difficult as is, and competition is only increasing. However, Columbia University, one of the most selective and prestigious Ivy League schools, offers programs in partnership with other universities, which not only offer a different pathway to enter Columbia but also two degrees at once. 

How Does It Work?

Beginning only recently Columbia University established partnerships with numerous universities outside the USA like SciencesPo Paris (France), Tel Aviv University (Israel), CityU (Hong Kong) and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), which allow students to either apply directly to the dual degree program or first get into the Columbia-partner university and then apply to Columbia University once already enrolled, usually as a first or second-year student. 


A major benefit of this program is to also circumvent the incredibly high tuition costs of Columbia. Because the program is shared between two institutions the tuition is also paid to the one where the student is studying at that point in time. Thus, if a student is enrolled in the SciencesPo Paris – Columbia University Dual BA program and spends 2 years in France they pay tuition to SciencesPo, which is determined by parental income, capping out at 13,190 euros. The full sum is very rarely paid and can be decreased by having siblings enrolled in university. Tuition can become even smaller when generous French social safety benefits are taken into account. 

After two years in France, Ireland, Israel or any other location where the dual BA partner institution is located the next two years at Columbia University in New York City feel even more special, as a student is a lot more enriched by experiences from another country whether cultural, linguistic or social. During these two years tuition is paid to Columbia University, however, once again financial benefits, grants, and student loans can be gained from the US, the country of the partner institution like France, the home country of the student and Columbia University itself. 

The chief benefit of the program however is not attending Columbia University itself per se. Columbia is only half of your education, only one out of two diplomas you will receive, only one-half of the network of amazing students and professors you will make. The two degrees you decide to pursue can be as different as political science and biology, thus, numerous great synergies and possibilities open up such as after graduation, such as applying and being eligible for both positions in the US government and biological research firm in Israel.


Ultimately, the dual degree program is an amazing opportunity to expand your horizons and reach beyond what would be traditionally expected of a student. Here at Atlas, we have students who have completed the program and are ready to help you along the way and succeed!


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Justas Pakašius

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