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Cornell University

Cornell could be called the university of great communicators. Many of the people responsible for popularizing science and making it acceptable, appealing and available to all graduated Cornell, the most notable of whom is Bill Nye the Science Guy. Both Bill Maher and Ann Coulter despite their controversial views have undeniably large followings and have learned how to enchant their audiences. Cornell just like Brown and Dartmouth do not have the name-recognition that their more established peers of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia have, but they more than make up that in spirit.

Which other university could claim to have an annual festival where they burn a giant dragon special built for the occasion? This is one of those amazing campus traditions that allow students to demonstrate their creativity and live out the wildest fantasies. Want to build a pink and purple dragon inspired by traditional European or Chinese mythology – be their guest! Want to organise an elaborate burning ceremony, go right ahead!
Speaking of fun Cornell also invites top notch performers on campus to play their music in front of students. A mini festival on Ivy League university grounds… Recent invitees included Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris, Kanye West and Snoop Dog. This name power indicates that the university considers students’ recreation and leisure time to be of paramount importance. The school also boasts a great Greek life, with multiple sororities and fraternities alongside a gorgeous campus located in Ithaca, a remote town in the middle of New York State that is surrounded by amazing nature. To get to campus you’ll have to trek up and down a hill, passing through some beautiful looking gorges and river valleys.

In terms of academics Cornell has very strong engineering, biological, agricultural, computer science and business programs that rank in the top 10 in the US and just like any other Ivy League university has stellar name recognition and job opportunities for graduates.

At Cornell they pair world class academics, Ivy League prestige and name recognition with some of the most scenic and beautiful landscapes out there. What are you waiting for? Apply!