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Dartmouth College

Everyone should know about Dartmouth’s unique and incredibly thought-through way of structuring the academic year. Instead of having a traditional academic year with a summer break Dartmouth has something practiced only by them amongst the Ivy League universities, the so called “D-plan”. The way it functions is instead of having to attend university during a prescribed time period the student is free to choose which semesters to attend during their four year education. Thus, technically a student could not have any summer breaks and graduate a year early! Or have their breaks during the winter, ensuring ample opportunities to arrange internships during another time period than the summer when competition is the most fierce.

Continuing on this topic of uniqueness, perhaps more than any other Ivy League university Dartmouth students engage in traditional sorority and fraternity activities. 70% of the students participate in these. Indeed, extracurriculars are strong at Dartmouth with another 25% of students engaging in Dartmouth Outing Club, an organization specifically designed for students who want to partake in activities in a non classroom setting. The Club provides equipment, own lodges and rental gear. For those who yearn for the great outdoors it is the best possible option out of all elite US universities.

The college sees its location in New Hampshire as a strength to embrace its winters and New England identity. To that end Dartmouth has an annual snowball fight to which students are summoned by a mysterious email and a yearly Winter Carnival, that has been a tradition for more than a hundred years. Every year the theme is different so every generation of students have an opportunity to make it their own. Alongside that every quarter a weekend is dedicated to large festivities and parties, allowing students to relax and destress.

On the academic side Dartmouth has a strong record as one of the top 25 universities in the United States, producing hundreds of US politicians, diplomats and billionaires. In particular, its programs for public health, biological science and research medicine are some of the best in the US.

If you are looking for extremely flexible academic terms with plenty of opportunities for internships and jobs alongside great parties and traditions, Dartmouth is the place for you.