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Harvard University

Harvard University is not only the oldest university in the US, but also probably the most well known. And not just the US – the name is easily recognisable worldwide with iconic pop-culture references ranging from “Legally Blonde” to “The Social Network” (speaking of which, did you know that none of them were actually filmed at Harvard? Filming at the university has been banned since 1970). Studying at Harvard is beyond prestigious, giving its students the best tools, education and name recognition to succeed in any field of their choice.

Harvard’s exceptional academic reputation probably doesn’t need much of an introduction either. Ranking as the top US university across many different fields of study, from Biology to Economics, Harvard houses exceptional faculty as well as passionate and motivated students (with a 5% acceptance rate they certainly allow themselves to be picky). It shows in numbers too: Harvard is the university with the most Nobel Prizes in its pocket – an impressive 161! – as well as 8 alumni who went on to sign the Declaration of independence and another 8 who became US presidents. To be a part of such a legendary company you need to be extraordinarily smart or lucky.

The titles don’t stop when you step outside of the classroom – beginning with the largest endowment of any university worldwide (giving it the abilities to be need-blind for all applicants and give out rather generous financial aid offers), the most Division I athletic teams, the oldest as well as the largest academic library system in the country and so on. This means that students who decide and are chosen to study at Harvard can participate in any field or domain they like and be recognised as leaders of their field due to the important role Harvard organisations play nationally and worldwide.

Although not technically located in Boston, Harvard’s hometown Cambridge is a part of the Boston metropolitan area and is conveniently connected to the city by the MBTA red line subway. The campus is very much what one would expect from the oldest university in the country with the iconic gothic Annenberg Hall – the dedicated freshman dining hall – resembling a castle, church or Hogwarts with its stained glass windows and massive chandeliers.

Harvard University might be one of the most recognisable names of a higher education institution for a reason – claiming an impressive number of titles and fostering almost 400 years of history and traditions, it is the pinnacle of US university education.