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University of Chicago

Chicago is famous for many things, one of them being the university that bears its name. What However what Chicago University is famous for does not have its name, but a name of a famous island in New York City, Manhattan. Yes, that is right, Chicago University is one of the birthplaces of the Manhattan Project that saw the conception of nuclear power as a tool of war and energy. Yet there is something there for everyone, chances are if there is any academic field or discipline it will have a “Chicago school” whether it be economy, literature or political theory.

The Manhattan project was a brainchild of Enrico Fermi, who worked in Chicago during 1930s and 1940s. He created the first nuclear reactor on Chicago University campus called Chicago Pile-1 under the bleachers of Stagg Field, a campus sports field. Imagine studying and not even being aware of an experimental nuclear reactor being constructed right under your feet as part of an effort to beat the Axis and Communist Powers to a nuclear weapon during the Second World War.

However, eonomics is perhaps the area Chicago University is most famous for. The list od alumni includes the notorious Chicago boys, a group of economists from this university that implemented and devised economic policy in Chile, which was then adopted by numerous conservative Western leaders, incuding Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Although critiqued and maligned these Chicago economists had a massive impact on economic theory and development worldwide. Indeed, one of the harbingers of this new neoliberal thought was Milton Friedman who was a professor at Chicago during that time.

On a lighter note Chicago also has a fun side, which expresses itself through a vibrant comedy culture. After all improv comedy whether love it or hate it was invented here. The campus also knows how to chill out and vibe by engaging in week-long scavenging hunt called the Scav that sometimes takes the participants across the country.

Whether you want to engage in nuclear research, develop a new mode of economic theory or simply do some scavenging Chicago has something in store for you to keep you entertained and engaged.