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University of Pennsylvania

What does businessman Elon Musk, signatory of the US Declaration of Independence Benjamin Franklin and political theorist Noam Chomsky have in common? They all hail from the University of Pennsylvania. This school has an unrivaled ability to educate and promote the best talent in the world, making this school one of the wealthiest in the world and possessing in its alumni community the second most living billionaires.
The motto of this school might as well be “play hard and work hard”. The university has a noted rigorous curriculum which has produced dozen of Rhodes scholars, Nobel prize winners and heads of state. Yet its social side is very active with a strong emphasis on networking, making life-long friendships and establishing relationships that will fuel the students’ further education, business, academic or public careers. A quarter of U Penn’s students engage in Greek life in one of the 48 sororities and fraternities.

It is impossible to talk about University of Pennsylvania without taking about Wharton school of business, reliably one of the best and famous business schools in the world, which also admits undergraduates. Arguably what made this school so successful is its recognition that teaching solely business may often not be enough. So at Pennsylvania students can pair their interests with business or business with their interests. Three notable programs stand out, which allow students to study international relations and business, engineering and business or life sciences and business.

Just like other big prestigious universities such as MIT, Columbia University, Chicago University or NYU, University of Pennsylvania combines life in a big city, in this case Philadelphia, and a small campus atmosphere one could encounter in relatively remote Cornell or Brown. This creates the best of two worlds as depending on what is your preference: life in a big city or a relatively small campus that functions as its own village.
While University of Pennsylvania often gets overshadowed by its more famous Ivy League brethren of Harvard, Yale and Princeton, University of Pennsylvania combines an amazing

curriculum that is arguably the world’s best when it comes to business and a life at a global city, which will ensure unlimited networking and career opportunities.