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Terms of Service

UAB “Pažangus pažinimas,” legal entity registration code 304984254, registered office address Vilniaus g. 33, LT-01402 Vilnius, Lithuania, contact phone no. +370 616 20887, email address info@atlasacademy.eu (hereinafter – Service Provider), and the party purchasing the educational services provided (hereinafter – Customer), who are each separately hereinafter referred to as Party, and jointly referred to as Parties. The contract is concluded and comes into force upon the Customer, on the Service Provider’s website www.atlasacademy.eu (hereafter – Website), approving their familiarity and agreement with these terms and conditions (hereinafter – Contract) and purchasing their selected service provided by the Service Provider.




1.1. With this Contract the Service Provider undertakes to provide the service described on the Website (hereinafter – Service or Services), and the Customer undertakes to pay in a timely manner the price indicated in the Service’s description.

1.2. The Customer confirms that they are ordering the Service for themselves, their children or dependents (hereinafter – Participant). The Customer also confirms that the Participant is informed and agrees to receive the Service in digital or other formats at the time specified in its description or other agreed-upon time.

1.3. All Services are provided digitally or remotely, by video call and other digital communication means, unless the Service Provider informs the Customer of a physical location, where the Service will be provided, in advance, and both Parties agree on this change. The Customer is responsible for providing the Participant with electronic and other means necessary for the proper participation of the Participant in receiving the Service.

1.4 The Service description and price are provided on the Website/agreed upon in writing or verbally via email or phone call. By signing the Contract, i.e., checking the box in the registration or purchase of the particular Service, the Customer confirms that he or she is familiar with the information provided on the Website, or the written Service description and the terms and conditions of Service.




2.1. The Service Provider undertakes:

2.1.1. To organize and ensure the quality of the Service acquired by the Customer;

2.1.2. If the Service in question has a warranty or a money-back-guarantee, noted in the Service’s description, and the Customer is unsatisfied with the Service provided for a legitimate reason, defined as a severe shortcoming in the quality or delivery of the Service, and communicates this reason to the Service Provider in written form over email, requesting a refund, to grant them the full refund.

2. 2. The Customer undertakes:

2.2.1. To pay for the Services in accordance with the procedure established on the Website, to properly perform other obligations under the Contract;

2.2.3. To not share the material provided in digital or other formats, or discussed during live lectures delivered by the Service Provider or its employees, on the Internet or with any other third parties. The Customer acknowledges that all educational and other materials shared with the Customer as part of the provision of the Service are to be considered the Intellectual Property of the Service Provider, the unauthorized dissemination of which will result in damages caused to the Service Provider and will have to be compensated by the Customer to the Service Provider. In the absence of a compromise acceptable to both Parties, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.




3.1. When signing and executing this Contract, the Service Provider collects, uses, stores and otherwise processes the personal data of the Customer and/or the Participant for the purposes of executing the Contract, performing the Service Provider’s obligations under applicable legal acts and other purposes.

3.2. The Service Provider collects, uses, stores or otherwise handles the Customer and/or the Participant’s personal data as specified in the Service Provider’s privacy policy (hereinafter – Privacy Policy), in its latest version, which is accessible to the Customer on the Service Provider’s Website.

3.3. Before entering this Contract with the Service Provider, the Customer must read the Privacy Policy. If the Customer Privacy Policy or any of its parts appear incomprehensible or difficult to understand, the Customer must notify the Service Provider before the Contract is signed. By signing the Contract, the Customer confirms that he or she has read and fully understood all the provisions of the Privacy Policy.




4.1. Service Provider is not responsible and cannot be held accountable for the Participant’s performance in the courses and classes offered within the scope of the Service, results and overall level of achievement, academic or university admissions results.

4.2. The Contract shall come into force after its remote signing (upon the Customer expressing familiarity with the contents and agreement with the Contract through ticking the appropriate checkbox in the registration form and providing the associated payment on the Service Provider’s Website) and is valid until the complete fulfillment of the obligations specified under it.

4.4. Disputes arising out of or otherwise related to this Contract shall be settled in writing or other sorts of direct communication between the Parties, and, in the absence of a compromise acceptable to both Parties, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

4.5. Messages, account information and business correspondence between the Customer and the Service Provider, as well as other documents related to the Services, will be sent to the address(-es) specified by each Party.

4.6. All the information (teaching materials, presentations, emails, reports, etc.) used during the provision of the Service or provided to the Participant by the Service Provider, is strictly confidential and not to be shared with any third parties for any reason. Doing so shall give the Service Provider the right to terminate the Contract and request a 10000 EUR fee for any damages incurred, which will be non-negotiable and payable within 14 days after the request is made.