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By Justas Pakašius

Published 2022 06 17

This is a controversial subject as every college major will say their major is either the best, worst, hardest, or easiest. But what about money? Which college major will net you the most money? Of course, there are cases where an arts major will have a breakthrough and their paintings sell out for millions, but here we are talking about statistical averages.

STEM Is King

Perhaps unsurprisingly STEM subjects top the charts. These subjects are the most reliably financially rewarding as there are always jobs open to engineers or computer scientists as opposed to journalism or history majors who have the hardest time finding jobs and those jobs are not as well paid as those of their peers who have STEM majors. 

Coming in at number one place is computer science, which given how everything in our world runs on computers is not surprising at all. Because there are so many openings and not enough students in these fields graduating, naturally their jobs are very well paid as companies fight each other to attract the best talent. In the same vein, the third best paid major is information technologies.

A field of studies that people would expect to be paid the best is perhaps slightly surprisingly not as well paid as computer or information sciences. Business, economics and accounting majors are in the top 10 but at the bottom of the rankings, indicating that studying how money works will not necessarily yield as much of it as studying computers or programming. Indeed, this may reflect the number of business graduates that enter the job market every year.

The middle of the top 10 rankings is occupied by a wide array of disciplines that reflect the world of tomorrow: mathematicians, statisticians and biomedical engineers. Our world is ruled by numbers, so perhaps it is not very surprising that people who know how to manipulate, interpret, read and use them are some of the most desired people in the job market today. Biomedical engineers reflect a changing world, its growing sophistication but also the ageing world population, that has a desire and money to spend on prolonging their lives. 

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Justas Pakašius

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