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What To Do Before Moving To University

2022 06 14

Justas Pakašius

Ideas And Suggestions For Students Moving To University

You’ve done it! The school of your dream is now yours! You are ready to go there and jump right into it. But beware there are several things you should do in order to prepare and several other things to consider before making a firm choice. Here Atlas mentors will present several things to consider and think about.

Understanding The Basics

First and foremost check up on all the necessary formalities, including visas, passports and other documents are in order. It often happens that for countries such as the US you need to prepare in advance, especially in the case your student visa gets denied for any reason. But these formalities also include doing all the necessary things at your house, home city or country, such as making sure that all of your doctors’ procedures occur well ahead of your departure date. You do not want to be in a situation where your tooth is killing you, but you are in a foreign country where you may not even speak the language!

Do some research and be aware of the formalities you need to do and how to do them before reaching your destination, such as making sure your phone number works there or know a place where to find a new one. You do not want to be paying roaming fares! This includes finding accommodation or the best apps to exchange money. Finding a good local bank is also important, especially if you plan to stay in the country for longer and you intend to live there. Start acquiring a good credit score! Do all of this research in advance so that you save money.

Speaking of cash, find ways of optimizing and tracking your expenses. It is a good habit to have for later in life and having a spreadsheet or some other document is a lifesaver. If your bank does it for you even better. Just do so you avoid finding yourself in an uncomfortable position of not being able to pay rent, a drink at the bar or a trip your new friends are organizing.  

Make sure to spend time with your friends in your home city or country so that you do not lose touch once you depart. It is super important as you do not want to be making as many friends as you are losing. It happens incredibly often the first year of university that friends start losing touch, and that can affect your mood, emotions and even self-esteem a lot. Especially if you see your friends drifting apart from you but not each other. A feeling of exclusion can be a real danger!

Atlas Can Help

Do you have a dream university in mind? Atlas Academy can help you prepare for it. We will help you craft the best possible application portfolio possible. 

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